Our Vision

To be a supportive, engaged community, rooted in our Jewish tradition and values, and working in collaboration with others, to facilitate and promote ways that we can:

Jewish Community
Sustainability Fair

The fair took place on Oct 22 and was a resounding success!

Many thanks to all the folks from all the congregations, government agencies and vendors who contributed their time and expertise.



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Mark Your Calendar!

Click Here to watch a replay of our April 23 meeting, in which Israeli environmental activist and former member of Knesset, Prof. Alon Tal, spoke on topics of environmental and sustainability public policy, with a particular focus on Israel, while also addressing meaningful actions that we can take individually and as a community to help drive sustainability and public policy.


Click here to watch a replay of our March 26 meeting, in which California Assembly Member Marc Berman discussed his climate-related legislative policy initiatives at the state level.


Click here to watch a replay of our Feb 5 meeting, including a fascinating presentation by alternative energy entrepreneur David Arfin.


Click here to watch a replay of our Nov 20 meeting, including Josh Becker's presentation about California's climate legislation, his legislative agenda for the upcoming season, and a lively Q&A.

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